There are no pictures of Reuben Elrod. There are only newspaper accounts of his lynching. The Intelligencer and the Keowee Courier share this story.

On Tuesday night, June 30th, Reuben Elrod was murdered in his home in Piedmont, South Carolina by a group of white men. A group of roughly 50 men went to Reuben’s house demanding the women present in his home be brought out to be beaten and driven out of Anderson County. Reuben denied them entry…a shot was fired through the weatherboarding of the house….struck Reuben in the throat ..then collapsed onto the lantern in his hand.

The mob mob entered his house and proceeded to beat the other two men in addition to the three women. By the time they left, Reuben was dead and badly burned about his head and neck from the lantern. Reuben was around 70 years old at this time and had lived in Piedmont for most of his life. He was well known to the community, well regarded by all.The Piedmont community condemned the actions of the murderers…yet…no one was ever punished for the murder of Reuben Elrod.

This story above was produced by Anderson University’s COM 451 Documentary Storytelling Team in Spring 2023.

Anderson University’s COM 451 Documentary Storytelling Team
Destiny Donald – Research/Videographer
Adam Edwards – Producer/Editor
Zachary Freeman – Producer/Writer
Jordan Huffman – Research/Videographer
Morgan Lane – Research/Videographer
Ralyn Ligon – Research/Videographer

This documentary was a product of Anderson University’s COM 451 Class: Documentary Storytelling. This project was created in the Spring of 2023.

Bobby Rettew, MA / COM 451 Instructor
Assistant Professor
Anderson University
Department of Communications